A blog about my the history, acquisition and operation of my 1911 Model 62 Stanley Steamer.

eBay find


Great eBay find of a 0-50 PSI Stanley pilot fuel pressure gauge in very good shape. This is piece I've been looking for for many years and it proves, although unlikely, these things do turn up on eBay every now and again. 


Happy hunting!  

Stanley Steamer Fuel Pump Rebuild : Pt. 5

I'm happy to say this is the final fuel pump rebuild post. After it was all said and done the only pump that didn't get removed was the oil pump. The majority of the mounting hardware was incorrect and needed to be changed.

The final job after the plumbing was finished was to bleed the air out of the system and make sure the pumps were properly primed. For the fuel system I opened the fuel shutoff valve and then removed the hand pump plunger to allow the air out until fuel started to flow. Then I replaced the plunger and began building pressure in the system. Once I got to about 40psi I opened the main fuel valves and let the fuel run out to atmosphere through the branch forks to release any residual air that didn't come out.

 Priming the hand water pumps is not necessary as it is only used when the valve under the floor is opened. The power pumps were bled by cracking the line just before the boiler check valve and rotating the wheels until a steady steam of water is being produced.

 As always it was a bigger job then I had originally thought it would be but I found and resolved some issues that would have left me stranded on the side of the road so it was worth the effort. I'm looking forward to some good we weather so I can take it out for a test drive!