A blog about my the history, acquisition and operation of my 1911 Model 62 Stanley Steamer.

New Rear Wheels

I tour my car and inevitable that comes at a cost. During my September touring down in Spokane Washington I ending up on a long downhill gravel road that was basically solid washboard. Due to the design of the suspension on a Stanley and my cars light weight it started hammering the axles up and down until I was able to bring the car to a complete stop. When I got the car back to the hotel I noticed that it did some damage...

 As you can see above two of the spokes on the passenger side rear wheel cracked along the grain next to the hub. The wheel was still structurally sound, but it is now only a matter of time before the wheel completely fails. So, this winter we will be re-wooding the rear wheels to beready for next years touring season.

Happy Steaming!