The Driver

The Driver

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Name: Dan Findlay     Contact:

DOB: April 29th 1985     Location: Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Being the third generation of antique car enthusiasts in my family, I attended my first antique car rally in mother’s arms at six months old. During my childhood I was surrounded by a large variety of classic and antique vehicles and spent many of my developing years working with my father in the shop. It quickly became apparent that I had a high mechanical aptitude with a relentless obsession for detail. I purchased my first antique car at the age of fifteen and have been actively restoring and touring ever since. I’ve driven brass era vehicles in excess of 14,000 miles been honored with the HCCA Presidential Award for my eagerness to forward the hobby. 

 My passion for Stanley’s was born through the close relationship I developed with Vern and Pat Wellburn of VCCC Antique chapter. Vern quickly took me under his wing after I showed a keen interest in his Stanley. I believe I got my first ride at 5 years old and was hooked from there on in. Over the years I spent many mornings with Vern, on tour, firing up the Stanley, Although my jobs were limited to pressurizing air tanks, filling water tanks, finding hose bibs, and pumping up fuel, I learned a lot of valuable knowledge. In my early twenties I got opportunity to drive it on a tour when there was some down time. Over the next few years I would go visit him and we would flash the car up and I'd get to take it for a drive.  I can still remember having the pilot flash back and me losing all the hair on my right arm. Man did I have a lot to learn! Vern was a great teacher and I was extremely fortunate to have been able to learn from such a knowledgeable figure in the steam community. Looking back on the numerous times we spent together, I now realize that I should have asked a plethora more questions and probably paid more attention to the little things, but alas, you never think the fun will end.